ABOUT: Since the summer of 2011, I’ve been offering a continuing workshop open to all seriously playful poets.  Each evening begins with 20-30 minutes examining a poet, poetic topic or   craft issue. Topics explored this past year included the uses of anger, and dialogue, how to craft effective starts, and stops, of poems, elegies, managing tone, epistles and prose poems, lineation and observation. Poets of interest to date have included Marianne Boruch, Kay Ryan, Anne Carson, Louis Gluck, Tony Hoagland, Matthew Dickman, and Mark Doty.

Each participant will have a chance to have one poem discussed by the group each evening, with the intent to learn from each other while providing practical and constructive suggestions for revision.  This workshop will be a good fit for serious poets who have been writing for at least one year, and have some experience in having their work discussed by others.  Dedicated and thoughtful beginners may also consider registering, but should talk to me first.

Workshops take place in my Evanston studio, 1125 Florence Ave.