The Hand Knows A Secret (2014)

This book was created to document “The Hand Knows A Secret” presented on 2/26/14 at the Chicago Cultural Center.  I interleaved printed images with sketches created by audience members at the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert.

The hand knows a secret

Thanks to
~      Jan Tichy for inviting me to create this program as part of Jan’s aroundcenter site-specific exhibition

~      Susan Friel & Greg Lunceford at Chicago’s Department of Cultural Arts and Special Events for helping make this possible

~      Kate Dumbleton and her SAIC students for pitching in

~      Bingyan Xue for the photos used in this book

~      Ann Murray of the International Music Foundation & her lovely and
cooperative audience members who transformed into doodlers for a day

~      Benjamin Hochman, the pianist and performer, for inspiring us all